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Manitoba Immigration: 117 LAAs Issued to Ukrainians, Expecting Thousands in Early 2024

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Manitoba Immigration

In recent times, Manitoba Immigration has emerged as a pillar of hope for thousands of Ukrainians seeking refuge from the harrowing impacts of the Russian invasion. As the clock ticks toward the end of March 2024, a significant influx of tens of thousands of Ukrainians is anticipated to make their way to Canada. This influx is fueled by the 936,293 emergency visas issued by Ottawa since March 2022, offering Ukrainians opportunities for work or study amidst the ongoing conflict.

MPNP First Ukraine Special Immigration Draw – Jan 30, 2024

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has introduced special immigration measures. Held its year’s first Ukraine Draw #22, where 117 Letters of Advice to Apply were issued. This aligns with the broader efforts of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to provide avenues for those affected by ongoing events in Ukraine.

For those seeking nomination through the MPNP, Ukrainian citizens are eligible if they possess:

  • Ukrainian citizenship,
  • A minimum CLB 4 language proficiency,
  • An established connection to Manitoba,
  • A score of at least 60 points, and
  • Other requirements of the skilled worker overseas pathway.
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The Expression of Interest (EOI) ranking system is instrumental in this process, with candidates entering a pool based on their EOI profile. The highest-scoring candidates are then regularly invited to submit an MPNP application form.

Over 210,000 Ukrainians Arrived in Canada, More Expected Before March 2024

The stats as of November 28, 2023, reveal that 210,178 individuals have successfully arrived in Canada. Notably, over 90,000 emergency visa holders are planning to arrive before the March deadline, based on pre-arrival surveys by IRCC in partnership with Operation Ukraine Safe Haven.

Manitoba, in particular, is expected to welcome thousands of Ukrainians before the March-end expiry date. Joanne Lewandosky, a member of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Manitoba Provincial Council, discloses that Manitoba has already embraced over 20,000 Ukrainians since the conflict.

The Operation Ukraine Safe Haven project has played a pivotal role in coordinating resources and communication for the smooth transition of Ukrainians to Canada. As a national initiative, it focuses on post-arrival planning for displaced Ukrainians, addressing critical aspects such as housing, donations, volunteer opportunities, jobs, and other orientation resources.

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MPNP’s Initiates a Promising Future for Ukrainians in Canada

The MPNP has taken swift and comprehensive measures to support Ukrainian applicants, including faster processing, special EOI draws, and refunding application fees for Ukrainians. It’s crucial to note that these initiatives are carefully balanced to align with federal requirements.

Manitoba’s proactive stance, coupled with the support from the MPNP and Operation Ukraine Safe Haven, paints a promising picture for the Ukrainian community in Canada. The welcoming initiatives, combined with the dedicated efforts of various stakeholders, showcase a collective commitment to providing a new home for those affected by adversity. The latest Manitoba Immigration draw welcomes 117 Ukrainians echoes not just as a headline but as a symbol of the resilience embedded in Canada’s immigration fabric.

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