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Quebec Breaks 2024 Record with Massive Skilled Worker Invitation Round

Cherie Mclaughlin



Quebec Breaks 2024 Record with Massive Skilled Worker Invitation Round

In a significant move that underscores Quebec’s commitment to addressing its labor needs, the province has conducted its largest Arrima draw of 2024. On June 20, the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI) extended invitations to a remarkable 1,470 candidates, inviting them to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

The results of this landmark 67th invitation round were officially published on June 26, 2024, revealing the scale of Quebec’s latest effort to attract skilled talent. This draw not only represents the largest of its kind for the year but also signals a robust approach to immigration as the province seeks to bolster its workforce across various sectors.

Candidates invited in this round met a stringent set of criteria, reflecting Quebec’s focus on attracting highly skilled and linguistically proficient individuals. The minimum score required for an invitation was set at 585 points, a benchmark that ensures only top-tier candidates are selected. Additionally, invitees were required to demonstrate at least level 7 oral proficiency in French, underscoring the province’s commitment to preserving and promoting its francophone character.

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Interestingly, this draw targeted candidates with valid job offers outside the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community. This strategic decision aims to promote economic development and address labor shortages in regions beyond Quebec’s largest urban center, fostering a more balanced distribution of skilled workers across the province.

The June 20 draw contributes significantly to Quebec’s immigration goals for 2024. So far this year, the province has invited an impressive 13,534 candidates through regular Arrima draws. This substantial figure not only highlights the effectiveness of the Arrima system in streamlining the selection process but also demonstrates Quebec’s proactive stance in attracting global talent to fuel its economic growth and innovation.

For prospective immigrants, this record-breaking draw presents a golden opportunity to build a future in Quebec. The province’s distinct culture, robust economy, and high quality of life continue to make it an attractive destination for skilled professionals from around the world. However, the competitive nature of the selection process, as evidenced by the high minimum score and language requirements, underscores the importance of thorough preparation for those aspiring to be invited in future draws.

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As Quebec continues to leverage its Arrima system to meet its evolving labor market needs, it sets a precedent for targeted, efficient immigration selection. The success of this approach could have far-reaching implications, potentially influencing immigration policies and practices across Canada and beyond.

Skilled workers interested in immigrating to Quebec are encouraged to stay informed about future Arrima draws and to continuously enhance their profiles to meet the province’s dynamic selection criteria. With its unique blend of opportunities and challenges, Quebec remains a beacon for those seeking to contribute their skills and expertise to a vibrant, growing economy.

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