IRCC Resumes Collecting Biometrics For Canadians Applying for Temporary Residence
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IRCC Resumes Collecting Biometrics For Canadians Applying For Temporary Residence

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The Canadian government declared on 23 Feb 2023, that it will resume the collection of biometrics from people who are seeking for temporary residence (TR) from within Canada. This restart occurs more than 31 months after the IRCC, on July 15, 2020, implemented a temporary exemption policy on biometrics submissions for TR candidates applying from within Canada. This pause was highly because of COVID-19 closures and service issues. All applicants for temporary residence, including the five applicant groups specifically mentioned in the IRCC press release, would be impacted by this change. The following groups include:

  • People who are requesting a work or study permit;
  • Those who are requesting a temporary residency permit;
  • Individuals who are requesting a visitor visa;
  • Anyone requesting an extension of their status as a student, visitor, or employee; and
  • Anyone requesting to re-establish their identity as a student, visitor, or worker.

What Are Biometrics?

Biometric procedure is a process where your fingerprint and facial scans will be taken. All 10 fingers’ worth of images will be gathered by a digital fingerprint scanner, and a digital snapshot will also be taken.

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What is the Purpose of Giving Biometrics While Applying for Canadian Visa?

The majority of people are required to provide biometrics when they apply for a permanent residence, a study or work permit, or a visitor visa.

  • Biometrics are used by Canadian visa officers to verify your identification;
  • Also, biometrics helps to solve issues or correct mistakes that may arise if your name, date of birth, and/or place of birth are similar to those of someone else;
  • It makes it harder for someone to fake, steal, or use your identity and authenticate your identification the next time.

The Process of Submitting Biometrics

  • The biometrics cost must be paid throughout the application submission process by everyone needing to submit their biometrics as part of a TR application.
  • After that, applicants will get an email with biometric instructions and instructions on how to provide biometrics online.
  • TR applicants may submit their biometrics at one of more than 70 Service Canada Center collecting locations around the nation, however these locations only accept submissions by appointment.
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However, the IRCC points out that certain temporary procedures and exemptions for collecting biometric information continue to apply in exceptional cases.

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