IRCC Invites Canadians to Introduce Immigration Policies for the Country’s Future
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Immigration Announcement

IRCC Invites Canadians to Introduce Immigration Policies for the Country’s Future

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Introduce Immigration Policies

Recently, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced the launch of a new “broad-based participation” initiative titled “An Immigration System for Canada’s Future” in a news release. With a focus on teamwork, this program aims to use ideas and opinions gathered from the public to assist Canada in developing a robust, user-friendly, and flexible immigration system. Canada feels that in order to ensure that our policies and programmes are in line with the requirements of our communities, it will be essential to consider public opinion while developing an ideal immigration system.

Canada’s Future Initiative Agenda

Canada is beginning this initiative to give Canadians and a wide range of other stakeholders the chance to share their ideas and perspectives on how we can create a stronger, more adaptable immigration system for Canada’s future. The initiative kicked off with a first in-person dialogue session in Halifax last week, which was presided over by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser himself.

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According to the press release, this initiative by the Canadian government will generally involve more in-person discourse sessions like the one in Halifax, as well as topic workshops and a public poll. The results of the initiative, according to IRCC, will guide Canada’s future immigration policies and initiatives and help create a framework that will benefit communities across the nation for decades to come.

IRCC’s official release also concluded that by inviting Canadians across the country to participate in the Immigration System, Canada’s future initiative will likely to continue even through the spring of 2023.

An Insight of Canada’s Need For Immigration

The most recent population and census statistics for this nation show why actions like these are required to improve Canada’s immigration system. Canada accepted a record-high number of new permanent residents in 2022 (more than 437,000), just one year after breaking the previous record for the percentage of immigrants in the country’s population (23%) in the same year. The fact that immigrants are vital to Canada’s economic growth further demonstrates the significance of immigration.


Every country needs a robust labour force to enable consistent production of goods and provision of services because its citizens are what fuel national expenditure and consumption. A country’s economic well-being will be negatively impacted by a weak population and a labour force shortage, which will limit production and consequent spending. Consequently, only immigration can aid Canada in better avoiding such issues.  Given that immigrants in Canada made up 79.9% of the increase in the country’s workforce between 2016 and 2021, this immigration-driven population growth has been extremely advantageous for the country’s labour force.

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