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Breaking Barriers: Manitoba Immigration Support for Internationally-Educated Nurses

Austin Campbell



Internationally-Educated Nurses

In the dynamic landscape of Canadian immigration, aspiring nurses are presented with a unique opportunity to join the healthcare workforce in Manitoba. This promising venture is fueled by the passionate commitment of Manitoba Immigration Minister, Malaya Marcelino, who is dedicated to removing barriers for internationally-educated nurses in the Prairie province.

Opening Doors to Nursing Opportunities in Manitoba

The journey of immigrating to Canada as a nurse in 2024 holds the promise of breaking down barriers and creating a pathway for skilled healthcare professionals. Manitoba’s Immigration Minister, Malaya Marcelino, is leading the charge to dismantle unfair hurdles, ensuring internationally-educated nurses can practice safely with the necessary support.

Welcoming Internationally-Educated Healthcare Professionals

Marcelino, assuming the immigration portfolio only a month ago, has already made significant strides in the mission to welcome internationally-educated healthcare professionals. Earlier this year, the Manitoba government successfully welcomed over 300 healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and healthcare aides. The immense contribution of these professionals is geared towards healing Canada’s healthcare system and enhancing health human resource capacity.

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Innovations in Assessment

Recognizing the shortage of 2,600 nurses in Manitoba, the University of Manitoba’s faculty of nursing is actively working on the development of a virtual clinical competence assessment. This forward-thinking approach aims to prioritize safety standards while identifying and eliminating unnecessary barriers for internationally-educated nurses.

Addressing Language Tests and Education Restart Requirements

Marcelino acknowledges the challenges faced by internationally educated nurses, including redundant language tests and the requirement to restart education after a period of inactivity. These barriers, often out of the scope of practicality, hinder the smooth integration of skilled professionals into the workforce. The Minister is determined to create a new pathway, easing these challenges and paving the way for a successful and efficient accreditation process.


Pathway for Internationally Educated Professionals

Anticipating the success of the proposed pathway in Manitoba, Marcelino extends a call to internationally educated nurses across Canada to consider the Prairie province as their destination. The warmth and inclusivity of the local Filipino community, combined with Manitoba’s reputation for being a welcoming and friendly province, make it an attractive choice for those aspiring to achieve their dreams through determination and hard work.

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Occupation-Specific Draws through Express Entry

In the broader context of Canadian immigration, category-based draws through the Express Entry system present opportunities for skilled workers, including nurses, to contribute to the country’s labor market needs. Changes announced in May have made Express Entry streams more responsive to occupation-specific demands, aligning with the evolving landscape of high-skilled admissions and labor market shortages.

A Bright Future is waiting ahead!

As the doors to Canada widen, internationally-educated nurses stand at the threshold of achieving permanent resident status. The enriching application process, coupled with the commitment to removing barriers, plays a pivotal role in the narrative of immigrating to Canada as a nurse in 2024. By staying informed about these developments, aspiring nurses can navigate the immigration landscape with confidence, ensuring a seamless transition into the Canadian healthcare system.

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