Immigrating to Canada from Lebanon
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Immigrating to Canada from Lebanon

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Immigrating to Canada from Lebanon Through Express Entry

People from Lebanon have been immigrating to Canada since 1882.

The Canadian government says that there are about 200,000- 400,000 people of Lebanese origin residing in Canada at the moment. Around 1800 Lebanese citizens have been immigrating to Canada each year in the last five years.

Lebanese nationals find it easiest to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers. They can take advantage of more than 100 skilled worker options if they are planning to immigrate to Canada.

Options in 2020

According to the current Immigration Levels Plan 2020-2022 of Canada, the country wants to admit a minimum of 340,000 new immigrants every year. The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic will undoubtedly make it difficult for Canada to fulfill this target in 2020. To its credit, Canada did not stop inviting new skilled workers even during the crisis.


Around 60% of new immigrants come to Canada after they qualify as skilled workers. Canada judges skilled workers on the basis of factors like their education, age, language skills, and professional experience. Lebanese citizens find themselves at an advantage when filing applications for skilled worker categories because of their high levels of human capital. They are proficient in English and/or French, which happen to be Canada’s two official languages.

Role of Express Entry

The Express Entry system allows immigration candidates to earn up to 290 points if they have official language skills. That can make up over 50% of the points required by a candidate typically to be successful in obtaining a permanent residence invitation via Express Entry.

The Canadian government issues invitations to Express Entry candidates who have managed to secure the highest scores every two weeks so they can apply for permanent residence. The government can then process the permanent residence applications in a period of six months.

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