How to Get Temporary Accommodation in Canada?
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How to Get Temporary Accommodation in Canada?

Isabel Rice



Accommodation in Canada

Leaving behind your relatives and friends and moving your entire life from a country where you lived for your whole life to a new place where you barely know anything is definitely a difficult choice. As you make a decision to move to Canada for a better life, it is important to plan your finances, career, and most importantly accommodation.

It depends upon the Canadian province you’re moving to; the house hunting process may take a while to find more permanent accommodation. That’s why most newcomers book temporary housing solutions like a hostel or an apartment for a couple of weeks or even the first few months.

Here are the important 4 tips you must follow while searching an accommodation to rent:

Reviews and Ratings

While shortlisting your short-term stay in Canada always make sure to thoroughly go through the online ratings and reviews before finalizing the place. A few websites also offer an option to chat with the owner directly before making a booking and give you the opportunity to ask questions and clear any doubts. Ensure to keep a keen eye for issues related to bed bugs, neighborhood, cases of theft, cleanliness, etc.


Time of Booking

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Always remember that timing matters and accommodation prices will always fluctuate depending upon the demand and supply. So, it’s a good idea to reserve your stay well in advance of your travel date. For example, spring and summer are popular times of the year, when people plan to move to Canada, this may lead to an increase in accommodation costs and there will be a scarcity of options to meet all your criteria. Booking accommodation in advance will offer you an opportunity to find more options in your budget.


It is one of the main goals for newcomers is to choose employment after entering into Canadian land. An accommodation situated far from the city centre will be comparatively cheaper than the one located in the main area. However, do not forget to consider an important aspect of traveling and transportation before choosing a place as most of the offices are located in the downtown area. 

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  • To find out more about a specific location, you can speak to friends and family in Canada or check out online forums. 
  • Check your options closer to the city centre or nearby where one can find employment and compare costs to see if the accommodation costs balance the cost of travel to and from.
  • One of the perks of initially living in any city centre or downtown offer access to essential stores, services, and transport. It also gives you the opportunity to explore area without a car and is also a good way to get a sense of where you would like to live permanently. 


This is one of the most important aspects of choosing an accommodation, most Canadian accommodation websites offer an option to filter out results based on budget. While the housing cost most of the budget, always make sure to stick to your designed budget to live hassle-free in the new country.



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