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Life in Canada

5 Tips to Adapt to Canadian Life

Robert Cannon



Adapt to Canadian Life

While starting a new life in Canada as a newcomer, one may come across some cultural differences one is not familiar with. Adapting to Canadian life and environment can be difficult if you have no idea what really to expect. An important part of adapting to Canadian life is being open to learning about other cultures. Here, we will share a few tips, resources, and advice that will adapt you to a better life in Canada and avoid culture shocks.

  • Be Polite

Canadian are known to be extremely polite and they use words like sorry, thank you, and please a lot in social settings and interactions. Being polite is always valued with strangers. Always note that these common courtesies don’t necessarily indicate being friendly, they are merely a social standard.

  • Always be punctual

Canadian consider punctuality a sign of respect and everyone tries their best to reach on time for all the personal, professional, and social engagements. If you get late, people worry that something has happened to you or you have forgotten the appointment. It may also come across as disrespectful. In case, you know that you will get late then inform the host or meeting organizer about your schedule well in advance.

  • Networking is the key
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Canada is an attractive destination that is full of great talent from across the world. Many of them have relevant qualifications, winning personalities, and convincing track records. This makes Canada diverse with a competitive job market. In a quest to enter into the hidden job market and gather valuable referrals that networking can help you with. It will help you stand out from the competition and get noticed at the right time. In Canada, 65% of the jobs are not posted online, they are mostly filled through a referral. Therefore, building up a good network will surely help in finding a job.

  • Contact settlement services when you need help

Settlement services in Canada are exclusively built to offer free support to newcomers at every step of their transitional journey in the new country. They are available in both pre and post-arrival assistance. Settlement services are partially funded by the Canadian government to encourage the comfortable integration of newcomers into Canadian society. They can help you with your career, housing, healthcare, education and to name a few.

  • Volunteer
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Volunteering is an essential part of Canadian culture. Everyone is motivated to do it, and high school students are required to complete mandatory volunteer hours. Adults volunteer their time and skills at charities, non-profit organizations, and political parties. Volunteering can help build a network, and gain Canadian experience, it is the best way to integrate with Canadian society as a newcomer.



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