Eight Cities in Ontario Lead Canada's Safety Rankings
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Eight Cities in Ontario Lead Canada’s Safety Rankings

Austin Campbell



Canada's Safety Rankings

When it comes to finding a safe and tranquil place to call home, Ontario in Canada emerges as a top choice. This picturesque province boasts several cities that consistently earn high marks for safety throughout the nation. In this blog, we will delve into more than eight cities that have firmly established their reputation as bastions of security!

Rentola Study #Ontario Dominates Canada’s Safest Cities

Rentola’s recent study ranks Ontario cities among Canada’s safest. 8 of the top 10 are in Ontario, reflecting the province’s commitment to safety. Using Statistics Canada data, factors like police per citizen, violent and non-violent crime rates, crime-solving rates, and the crime severity index were analyzed. The results highlight Ontario’s secure living environments, with 10 cities in the top 20 being from the province.

Certainly, here’s a brief overview of each of the top ten safest cities in Canada, along with their corresponding safety scores.

Barrie, Ontario – Barrie, Ontario – The city ascends to the top position, proudly touting an extraordinary safety ranking of 7.13. This stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to the well-being and safeguarding of its citizens.

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Brantford, Ontario – Brantford closely follows suit, securing a commendable safety evaluation of 7.00.

Guelph, Ontario – Guelph’s robust safety appraisal of 6.84 mirrors its steadfast commitment to cultivating a secure milieu for its populace.


Toronto, Ontario – As Canada’s most populous city, Toronto upholds a competitive safety ranking of 6.63.

Saint John, New Brunswick – Saint John, situated beyond the borders of Ontario, mirrors Toronto’s noteworthy safety standing with an identical rating of 6.63.

Belleville, Ontario – Nestled within Ontario, Belleville garners a respectable safety score of 6.43.

Windsor, Ontario – Windsor, positioned on the United States border, earns a solid safety rating of 6.42.

St. Catharines – Niagara, nestled in Ontario, upholds a formidable safety reputation with a solid rating of 6.40.


Lethbridge, Alberta – Serving as Alberta’s representative, Lethbridge attains a laudable safety assessment of 6.37.

Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ontario – Rounding off the top ten roster, Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, nestled within the province of Ontario, firmly seals its position with an impressive safety rating of 6.29

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Within the domain of urban security, Toronto, the largest city in Canada, stakes claim to the 4th position, surpassing its equally densely populated counterparts, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. In a comprehensive examination of 34 cities, the provinces of Ontario and Quebec distinguish themselves through their commendably low crime rates, despite their dense populace. On the flip side, the Northwest Territories struggle with the unfortunate distinction of having the highest rate of criminal activities. Overall, Canadian cities continue to uphold their illustrious repute as some of the globe’s most secure places, making the idea of calling one of these cities home quite appealing!



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