Canada Ranked the Second Best Country in 2023 World Rankings
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Canada Ranked the Second Best Country in 2023 World Rankings

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Best Country in 2023

In the ever-shifting landscape of global rankings, Canada has once again claimed a top position.
In the 2023 Best Countries ranking by U.S. News, Canada has clinched the second position, marking a substantial ascent from its third place in 2022. This ranking considered data from a survey of over 17,000 respondents across 36 countries and assessed 87 countries across the following ten sub-categories.

1. Entrepreneurship

Canada secured a laudable fifth spot in this domain, trailing behind the United States, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. This positioning underscores Canada’s flourishing business landscape and the indomitable spirit of its entrepreneurs.

2. Quality of Life

Canada reached extraordinary heights, cementing its hold on the third position, with Sweden and Norway alone surpassing its status. This underscores Canada’s resolute commitment to ensuring its residents enjoy an unparalleled quality of life.

3. Social Commitment:

Canada attained the fourth spot, tailing Sweden, Norway, and Finland, affirming its dedication to progressivism, inclusivity, and the cause of social justice.

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4. Adaptability

Canada secured second place in Agility, showcasing its resilience and effective response to change, just behind the United States.


Moreover, the 2023 Best Countries list goes beyond the overall rankings to identify the top 20 countries considered the “Best For” various attributes and qualities. In this regard, Canada emerged as a standout performer, securing top-seven positions in nine different categories.

These noteworthy rankings include: 2nd best country to start a career and racial equality; 4th best country for education; 7th best country for studying abroad and for raising kids; 2nd best country for 6th best country for women; 6th best country for a comfortable retirement and the most transparent country, and 2nd best country to headquarter a corporation

Canada’s impressive rankings in career prospects, education, family life, racial equality, and retirement benefits make it a top choice for newcomers. Canada’s position as the sixth-best country in the world for a comfortable retirement emphasizes its appeal to both Canadian-born residents and immigrants alike. It assures a high quality of life post-career, where individuals can savor the rewards of their hard work and enjoy the comfortable life they’ve built.

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5 Facets that make Canada a top-tier destination

The Natural Beauty of Canada

Canada’s stunning landscapes, from the Rockies to pristine lakes and forests, offer breathtaking natural beauty, with places like Banff National Park showcasing iconic sights.

Multiculturalism at Its Finest

The country’s multicultural cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal celebrate diversity, offering global cuisine, vibrant festivals, and inclusive traditions. Robust immigration policies enrich the economy and culture, making Canada a global model for diversity.


Robust economy

Canada prides itself on a robust and dependable economy, characterized by a wide array of industries, a secure financial sector, and a flourishing technology sphere, notably flourishing in urban centers such as Toronto and Vancouver.

Healthcare and Education

Canada shines brightly, offering top-notch healthcare renowned for its comprehensive coverage and cutting-edge facilities, alongside a superior education system encompassing world-renowned universities.


Safety takes center stage in Canada, boasting minimal crime rates and a robust adherence to the rule of law, while the quality of life attains remarkable heights, featuring unpolluted air, efficient public transit, and a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability.

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In summary, Canada’s strong rankings in the 2023 Best Countries report by U.S. News reaffirm its position as a top global immigrant destination. With quality education, career prospects, inclusivity, and retirement benefits, Canada is a premier choice for immigrants worldwide.



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