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How a strong CRS Score impacts you? And what impacts it in the first place?

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CRS Score

As of July 6, Canada resumed Express Entry draws and has steadily sent 250 ITAs to applicants each week. This has caused the score requirements for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to reduce. That being said, there is a high score cutoff for applicants. The Express Entry application requires candidates to have at least a 533 score. To get this score, it is necessary that the applicant is relatively young, has a higher level of education, and work experience, and is bilingual.

In the most recent three draws, 250 ITAs have been able to offset the intake of new Express Entry candidates and PNP candidates. As a result, the CRS score has gone down.

Express Entry Draw and Its Performance

The number of Intra-Region Contract Administrative (ITAs) performed by IRCC is at a steady pace, with the average being around 3,700 per draw. If this pace continues, it will take IRCC 20 weeks (until December 28, 2022) to exceed its peak ITA performance of a year ago. IRCC is free to issue invites as they please, but when a pandemic occurs, how many it is allowed to distribute depends on two factors: the capacity of IRCC to process applications in six months and the multi-year immigration levels plan.

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What will be the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan, and how will it affect Express Entry CRS scores?

The Canada Immigration department is expecting 55,900 new Express Entry candidates in 2022. This number will be made up of backlogged candidates. There are limited options to apply for permanent residence as a new applicant, and ITA holders have only 60 days to send an application. For IRCC, it can take six months or more to process the application. The Express Entry target is going up to 111,500 by 2024.



PNP Draws & Updates

ManitobaJan 25275 invitations
OntarioJan 191,654 invitations
AlbertaJan 19108 invitations
PNPPrince Edward Island Jan 18136 invitations
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Recent Express Entry Draws

DrawNumber Of InvitationsMinimum CRS Points
284(Healthcare)3500 422
283(All Program)1490535
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