IRCC’s Summary On Transforming the Canadian Immigration System for Newcomers
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IRCC’s Summary on Transforming the Canadian Immigration System for Newcomers

Austin Campbell



Canadian Immigration system

Canada is home to millions of immigrants, every year Canada invites new immigrants from countries across the globe. However, the immigration process and system are not easy, but now IRCC has taken steps to modernize the immigration system. 

On October 12, 2022 IRCC- Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada presented a plan “IRCC Digital Modernization”. They have recognized that it’s time Canada improves and modernizes its application system. 

IRCC will take the required steps for the Canadian immigration system to improve processing time and efficiency. IRCC has taken steps in different aspects: 

  • To reduce application inventories, Canada has proposed new funding. Moreover, Canada has invested $428.9 million to modernize the IRCC’s legacy global case management system(GCMS) into a digital platform to deliver better results and efficiency. 
  • The use of data to analyze has improved the processing time. With respect to visitor visas, data analysis displays routine files are now accessed 87% faster. 
  • IRCC will now allow applicants to use a digital portal. They have now begun their transition into 100% digital applications for the PR program in September 2022. Along with alternative formats available for people requiring accommodations. 
  • IRCC will also introduce a PR application tracker. 
  • They will also provide an online system for the receipt of Permanent Residency cards. The portals are already used by 225,000 Permanent residents. 
  • IRCC has also provided developments for PR applications which include an application tracker, online testing, virtual citizenship ceremonies, and interested candidates to self-administrator for oath with attestation.
  • IRCC will also update the existing procedure which includes updating processing time tools, making specific applications to be exempt from a medical examination, and telephonic or video interviews for some immigration programs. 
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IRCC has also developed a three-phase plan to give an outline of how this transformation will take place- 

Phase 1 – Stabilizing the existing GCMS until the new platform is launched

Phase 2 – Providing cloud elements to help in phase 3 


Phase 3 – Providing a new digital platform to ensure IRCC is digital (April 2023 to December 2026) 

All these steps are taken to provide various benefits to the Canadian immigration system such as reduced processing time, flexibility, tracking applications, etc. These improvements will make it feasible for new immigrants and boost the Canadian immigration system. 



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