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Canadian immigration landscape after the coronavirus

Austin Campbell



Canadian immigration landscape after the coronavirus

The future of the Canadian immigration system is still uncertain since the pandemic is still raging in many parts of the world. A large number of internal and external factors will dictate how Canada’s immigration system fares in the post-coronavirus period.

However, it is unlikely that Canada’s need for immigrants will disappear any time soon. The country has reiterated multiple times that they will continue their immigration process, and have made an effort to do so even against the backdrop of the pandemic.

How will the future be determined?

The immigration system will depend on Canada’s economy, demographics, politics, processing capacity, and its overall approach to integrating newcomers. The global circumstances will have a significant impact on the immigration levels for quite some time.

Marco Mendicino, Canada’s immigration minister, has promised over and over again that immigration will not only continue after the pandemic, but it will also play a key role in the economic recovery of the country.  Mendicino recently discussed important topics such as future immigration levels and the necessity of international students with other provincial immigration ministers.

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Candidates have an advantage

Canada has always relied on immigrants to drive the economy successfully, and the post-pandemic period will be no different. If you are a prospective candidate who has been considering immigration to Canada, do not be disappointed because there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

A recent survey by the Association for Canadian Studies found that Canadians themselves are also choosing to have a positive outlook on the subject of immigration. Around 61% of the participants expressed their belief that immigration will propel Canada’s long-term economic recovery. The demographic factors facilitating Canada’s need for immigrants will not be affected by the pandemic. The low birth rate and the aging population are issues that will have to be countered even after the pandemic.

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