Foreign workers should be wary of immigration fraud in Canada
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Foreign workers should be wary of immigration fraud in Canada

Ashley Shelton



Foreign workers should be wary of immigration fraud in Canada

It is important that hopeful immigrants do not get swayed by lucrative job offers to the point where they forget to do their due diligence. After receiving a good job offer in Canada from potential recruiters, candidates should conduct their own research so that they do not fall prey to fraudulent practices.

There are fake immigration consultants and mock job recruiters who want to take advantage of the situation and make some profit off their schemes. They set up elaborate scams in order to convince immigrants to send them large amounts of money.

Details of the fraud

The Montreal Gazette conducted an investigation recently that proved that there is a network of ghost companies in existence that is carrying out an elaborate immigration scam. The fraudsters aim to attract skilled workers from the Middle East by offering them the prospect of leading a successful life in Canada.

They go about the scam subtly, which only makes it more dangerous. They are willing to engage in an elaborate scam so that candidates are forced to pay them money. At first, they win the confidence of even well-educated professionals, and then they start the manipulation process.


Why should people be careful?

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This scam is complex, and candidates should be cautious. It involves a complete network of fake immigration consulting firms and recruitment agencies. The people participating in the fraud are ready to play multiple roles like employers, recruiters, and immigration representatives in various parts of the country.

The people who have become victims of these reported scams said that employment recruiters looking to hire someone to work for them in Canada first got in touch with them. Their process resembles a standard hiring process, which is why it becomes difficult to detect the fraud at its early stages.

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