Canada’s best tech jobs forecast for the year 2020
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Canada’s best tech jobs forecast for the year 2020

Ashley Shelton



Canada’s best tech jobs forecast for the year 2020

Canada is one of the most well-known hubs in the world for tech jobs. If you want to know which jobs will be in high demand this year, you have come to the right place.

According to Randstad, the following eight tech jobs will gain a lot of traction in 2020.

Developers and Programmers

With the advancement in technology, full-stack developers who have both front and back end skills are highly sought-after because of their coding and programming skills. Employers will want to hire skilled developers who have knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java, and .NET.

IT Project Manager


This position has become very popular in Canada over the last year, and more employers are now on the lookout for people with project management skills like PMP or PMI.

IT Business Analyst

Analysts who are well-versed in technology and software analysis are able to create and optimize both business systems along with software so that everything can operate effectively and smoothly.

Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality assurance analysts will also be in demand in 2020 because they can make sure that software is free of bugs and easy to use.


Senior Software Engineer

There is a lack of coders and developers at the senior level, and 2020 might be the year to bridge this gap. According to Randstad, employers are looking to hire candidates with a lot of experience instead of training more junior software engineers.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are given the responsibility of handling massive amounts of data collected by companies in order to improve their businesses. The demand for this position will most likely grow as more and more companies begin relying on data.

Network Administrator


Network administrators are in charge of making everything operate smoothly at both ends. They take care of their employer’s IT network and setup, handle customers, and manage servers.

Which job will you aim for?

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