Canada Sets Record by Inviting 401,000 New Permanent Residents in 2021
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Canada Sets Record by Inviting 401,000 New Permanent Residents in 2021

Ashley Shelton



Canada Sets Record by Inviting 401,000 New Permanent Residents

Canada has welcomed more than 401,000 permanent residents in 2021, achieving its goal set last year. The only time Canada encountered such an inflow of immigrants was back in 1913. However, World War I soon took over and cut down the flow of immigrants. Therefore, it is an exceptional feat for the IRCC.

Immigration in Canada took a hit as COVID-19 brought unprecedented times. The country stopped taking in international candidates, and FSWP admissions came to a grinding halt. IRCC has been working hard to keep up the inflow of permanent residents.

Canada has always been a country that welcomes immigrants. It has one of the simplest and most efficient immigration policies. As a result, the country was set to invite 341,000 fresh candidates in 2020.

However, the plans went for a toss, and travel restrictions arrived with the coronavirus. The IRCC was able to admit only 184,000 candidates last year.

Fortunately, that made the IRCC set a goal of allowing 401,000 candidates as permanent residents for 2021.  Now, the immigration agency has achieved its mission before the year ends.

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The IRCC took a different approach to beef up immigration in the face of COVID restrictions. It focused on the people already living in the country as temporary residents. Additionally, the IRCC conducted many Express Entry (EE) draws for candidates who qualified in different PNPs. The agency allowed all eligible candidates in the CEC pool to seek permanent residency. It also created new streams to let students and foreign workers apply for PR.


As a result, 70% of new permanent residents in 2021 have been residing in Canada. Only 30% came from other countries. The situation was the opposite in 2020. 70% of permanent residents arrived from abroad, while 30% were from the country. Based on the situation, Canada now wants to invite 411,000 candidates in 2022.

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