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Canada Planning to Open Online Citizenship Applications for Multiple Adults

Peter Fey



Canada Planning to Open Online Citizenship Applications for Multiple Adults

IRCC recently made an announcement that they are planning to open online citizenship applications for multiple adults from fall 2022. Now, couples and families with multiple adults will be able to apply for citizenship online. Currently, only single adults can submit their citizenship applications online. But, IRCC is planning to make the amendments in the process by the end of 2022. They’re also planning to open to minors and families.

IRCC quoted that “they are working relentlessly towards the expansion of the e-application to permit adults aged 18 or above to apply online with their family or a group and right now planning to target a fall 2022 implementation. IRCC spokesperson said that they have started planning for further e-application expansion to minors under the age of 18 years as well as adults applying with their family or a group.”

IRCC stated that the implementation of the e-application will begin to develop additional functionality for representatives. Right now, the representatives can only prepare online applications, however, won’t be able to submit them on the behalf of the client. They can talk to IRCC on the behalf of a representative before and after the application submission.

Last year, IRCC worked to update the system so the client can submit the IMM 5476 – Use of representatives’ form, permitting them to use the services of an agent in writing their applications. IRCC also updated the screening questions to permit clients to work with the representatives for the application submission online.

Following the trend of e-application expansion to minors and groups, the IRCC will develop additional functionality for representatives.


Last year in August, IRCC stated that the online citizenship application will be open to the families and minors later in 2021 and to representatives in 2022.

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Citizenship

In addition to the physical presence requirement, here are the eligibility criteria for Canadian citizenship:

  1. You need to be fluent in either English or French language to communicate in Canadian society. If you are between the age of 18 and 54, you have to submit proof of language proficiency.
  2. One cannot have a criminal history. This can prohibit your chance of getting citizenship from IRCC.
  3. One must have aware of the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the political system, history, and Canada’s geography.
  4. You are required to file taxes in Canada for at least three years during your five-year tenure.
  5.  You must also pay a formal application to IRCC and pay a government processing fee, and right of citizenship fee.