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Way to Apply for Proof of Canadian Citizenship

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Canadian Citizenship

In the post-pandemic recovery era, Canadian citizenship is becoming more valuable. Experts believe that it’s the right time to submit your proof of Canada citizenship application. Obtaining citizenship offers an array of benefits including being able to settle and work in the world’s most stable country. If you wish to raise your family in a country that offers impeccable healthcare, premium education, a stable political and financial environment, job opportunities, and other benefits. A Canadian passport allows a person to enjoy visa-free travel to 185 countries.

It is for the reasons that Canadians pass their citizenship status to their children who are born abroad. Similarly, children with Canadian parents often go on to apply for citizenship. A seasoned Canadian immigration lawyer can help you apply for a Citizenship certificate. Before the pandemic affected the world, it usually took m5 months to process an application but now due to the pandemic the process is seeing delays. Thus, it is beneficial to go ahead with the application process to experience the benefits of Canadian citizenship. One of the major perks of hiring an experienced expert is to avoid mistakes and unnecessary delays while ensuring you apply as a strong proof of citizenship application as possible.

How to apply for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

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Generally, proof of citizenship applications is submitted by adults who have Canadian parents and thought they are eligible to apply for citizenship. Also, applications are submitted by Canadian parents on the behalf of children that were born in another country, or submitted by children themselves.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) require evidence that shows at least one biological or legal parent is a Canadian citizen when the child was born. Examples of evidence include a parent’s birth certificate or citizenship certificate. After this, IRCC will thoroughly review the application and make sure it is complete. One will receive an ‘acknowledgment of receipt’. If the case is complicated, IRCC may contact you for more information or documents. Also, IRCC takes more time to process complicated cases. Once your application is approved, you will receive a citizenship certificate.

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