Canada’s Humanitarian and Immigration Support for Syria and Turkish Residents
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Immigration Announcement

Canada’s Humanitarian and Immigration Support for Syria and Turkish Residents

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Syria and Turkish Residents

Sean Fraser, the minister of immigration, recently unveiled additional procedures in reaction to the February earthquake that happened between Turkey and Syria.

The Following Policies are in Place From March 29 Until September 25, 2023:

  • Immigration petitions submitted by earthquake victims will receive priority processing.
  • Turkish and Syrian nationals already in Canada may extend their short-term stays without paying any further fees.
  • Turkish and Syrian temporary residents already in Canada are eligible for new Open Work Permits. The OWPs will last for a maximum of three years.
  • Temporary residents in Canada will find it simpler to change their status to a different temporary visa, as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allows.
  • For foreigners seeking permanent residency in Canada, the IRCC will waive the requirements for passports and other travel documents.
  • Also, for Canadian citizens and permanent residents from Turkey and Syria seeking to return to Canada, IRCC is waiving fees for temporary passports, limited-validity passports, emergency travel documents, Canadian citizenship certificates, and permanent resident travel papers.
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Canada’s Humanitarian Relief For Both the Countries

More than 50,000 people lost their lives and many more lost their houses as a result of the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 6. As of February 24, Canada has pledged $50 million in humanitarian relief for both countries.

In November 2015, Canada launched a large program to help Syrian refugees. By February 2016, Canada has taken in more than 25,000 Syrian refugees in less than 100 days.

According to Census 2021 data, 60,795 Syrian-born refugees were admitted to Canada between 2016 and 2021, making up over a quarter (27.8%) of all new refugees to the country. One of the top 10 nations from which new immigrants come to Canada is Syria. 8,500 Syrians moved here permanently in 2022. According to the Census of 2021, 97,590 persons identified Syria and 35,270 people chose Turkey as their country of birth. A total number of 10,150 of them claimed to be recent immigrants (arrived between 2016 and 2021). According to Statistics Canada, there are 76,740 Canadians of Turkish descent. Also, according to information from the IRCC, 8,765 Turkish citizens who received study permits had their documents came into force between 2020 and 2022

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