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How to Work in Canada With a Spousal Open Work Permit?

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Work in Canada

Canada’s spousal sponsorship is an essential part of the family-class immigration system. If you are a Canadian or a permanent resident, you can sponsor your family members to immigrate to Canada. The country’s family reunification highlights the idea of holding friends and family together in Canada. The spousal sponsorship comprises Inland spousal sponsorship and outland spousal sponsorship.

Where outland sponsorship allows a Canadian to sponsor their spouse living outside for getting PR in Canada, inland sponsorship emphasized the sponsor and sponsored person living together in Canada already. In addition, the inland sponsorship route also allows foreign nationals to get an open work permit, commonly known as a spousal open work permit.

About the Spousal Open Work Permit

The spousal open work permit allows sponsored spouses and common-law partners to get work with any Canadian employer of their choice. In addition, the permit allows the sponsored person to earn money without any restriction to work for a specific employer. Such permits can be obtained without getting an existing employment offer and are valid for either two years or until the expiry date mentioned on the passport.

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Spousal open work permit eligibility criteria

Eligibility for the spousal open work permit requires that:

  • The sponsor in a relationship must submit a permanent residence application through the inland sponsorship stream.
  • The applicant must have a valid temporary resident status as a visitor, student, or worker in Canada
  • Both the foreign national applicant and the Canadian sponsor meet all eligibility requirements under the spousal or common-law partner sponsorship program, such as;
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Meet certain income requirements and sign an undertaking to support your partner financially
  • Not be receiving social help from any person or government other than a disability
  • Clear all the background, medical and security checks

Spousal open work permit application Process

Before applying for the permit, you must get a receipt of acknowledgment from IRCC. Once that letter is received, foreign nationals can apply for a spousal open work permit online. Follow the steps to proceed further;

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  1. Login or register on an account with IRCC;
  2. Receive a document checklist to read;
  3. Fill out the online application form
  4. Select “Open Work Permit” to the question “What Type of Work Permit Are You Applying for”?
  5. Choose “SCLPC OWP” in the “Job Title” Box
  6. Select “Spouse and Common-Law Partner in Canada Pilot Program” in the ‘BDD’ box
  7. Upload all the required sponsorship documents
  8. Submit your application


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