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Canada GDP Growth Across Provinces, Except One – A Closer Look

Austin Campbell



Canada GDP Growth

Are you curious about the economic landscape of Canada and how each province contributes to its growth? Well, here’s an insightful overview for you. In 2023, all Canadian provinces witnessed GDP growth except for one. Let’s delve into the details and understand the dynamics of economic expansion across the nation.

Canada GDP Growth Overview

Despite economic fluctuations, Canada’s GDP experienced a notable increase of 1.2% in 2023. This growth was largely driven by the robust performance of various provinces, with Nunavut leading the charge with an impressive 3.4% increase in economic activity. However, Newfoundland and Labrador stood as the sole exception to this growth trend.

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Contributors to Canada’s Economic Growth

Among all provinces, Ontario emerged as the primary contributor to Canada’s GDP growth, accounting for nearly half of the nation’s 1.2% rise. The table below highlights the significant contributions of various provinces to Canada’s economic expansion:

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Canadian ProvinceContribution to GDP Growth (%)
British Columbia0.23

The growth in service-producing industries played a pivotal role in driving overall economic expansion across provinces. Notably, Prince Edward Island experienced substantial growth in sectors such as real estate and rental, public administration, and food services and drinking places. Similarly, other provinces also witnessed significant surges in specific industries, as depicted in the table below:

Canadian ProvinceSectorsContribution to GDP Growth (%)
Prince Edward IslandReal estate and rental and leasing4.5
Public Administration3.8
Food services and drinking places7.7
AlbertaFood services and drinking places7.8
OntarioArts and Entertainment18.6
ManitobaArts and Entertainment12.3
Air transportation34.7
QuebecAir transportation34.2
British ColumbiaAir transportation31.4

Different industrial sectors also played a significant role in driving GDP growth across provinces. From construction to agriculture and oil extraction, each sector contributed to the economic expansion of various provinces. The table below provides a detailed breakdown of industrial sector contributions:

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Industrial SectorsProvincesContribution to GDP Growth (%)
Goods-producing industryNunavut5.8
New Brunswick0.7
Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and huntingManitoba0.9
Conventional oil and gas extractionAlberta1.6

While the majority of Canadian provinces experienced GDP growth in 2023, Newfoundland and Labrador faced challenges in this regard. Understanding the dynamics of economic growth across provinces provides valuable insights into Canada’s economic landscape and the factors driving its expansion.

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