New IEC 2024 Draws: 1,818 Canada Work Permit Invitations Sent Out
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New IEC 2024 Draws: 1,818 Canada Work Permit Invitations Sent Out

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New IEC 2024 Draws

Exciting news for aspiring international workers! The International Experience Canada (IEC) 2024 season is off to a roaring start, with 1,818 work permit invitations dispatched in the latest rounds of invitations ending May 11, 2024.

Working Holiday Invitations

Under the Working Holiday category, a whopping 1,568 invitations were extended, offering applicants the opportunity to obtain an open work permit. This category is ideal for individuals seeking employment flexibility and the chance to explore multiple job opportunities across Canada.

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Young Professional Invitations

The Young Professional category saw 169 invitations sent out, granting successful applicants an employer-specific work visa. This category is tailored for individuals with job offers from Canadian companies, allowing them to gain valuable professional experience in their respective fields.

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International Co-op (Internship) Invitations

Additionally, the International Co-op (Internship) category issued 81 invitations, providing post-secondary students with the opportunity to complete work placements or internships in Canada. This category is designed for students looking to enhance their education through practical work experience.


Countries and Invitations Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of invitations issued by country for each category:

Working Holiday Category:

  • Australia: 248 invitations
  • France: 133 invitations
  • Germany: 96 invitations
  • United Kingdom: 430 invitations
  • And more, totaling 1,568 invitations

Young Professionals Category

  • France: 79 invitations
  • South Korea: 14 invitations
  • United Kingdom: 14 invitations
  • And more, totaling 169 invitations

International Co-op (Internship) Category:

  • France: 71 invitations
  • South Korea: 1 invitation
  • Switzerland: 1 invitation
  • And more, totaling 81 invitations

IEC Fees and Additional Information

For those eager to participate in the IEC 2024 season, it’s essential to note the associated fees. The IEC fees for all competitors in the 2024 season amount to $172 CAD. Working holiday applicants are required to pay a $100 CAD fee, while young professionals and international co-op candidates are exempt from additional fees. However, employers of young professionals and international co-op participants must pay a $230 CAD compliance charge.

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The surge in work permit invitations under the IEC 2024 season signifies Canada’s continued efforts to attract international talent and foster global connections. As aspiring applicants prepare to embark on their Canadian journey, the prospect of gaining valuable work experience and cultural immersion awaits. With the IEC program opening doors to diverse opportunities, the future looks bright for international workers seeking to call Canada home.

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