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Canada explains who can yet return to Canada amidst their travel ban

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Canada Travel Ban

Recently Canada has released a statement on travel ban they first declared on 16th March to control the outbreak of Covid-19. It stated more specific details about the ban.

This travel ban came into action from 18th March, and as per the statement, it will last till 30th June. At first, the ban covered all the foreign candidates except for permanent residents, Canadian citizens, along with their close family members. It also excludes aircrews, US citizens, and diplomats.

But according to the recent statement by the government, the close family members of the permanent citizens are excluded as well, giving them a choice to come back to Canada.

Individuals eligible to return Canada

Along with these people, there are also few others for whom this ban doesn’t apply.

The official website of the Canadian government states 16 situations that would permit someone to travel to Canada along with the exceptions stated below that mainly deals with temporary and permanent residents-

  • The family members of both the permanent residents and the Canadian citizens allowed to travel to Canada include their husband or wife, children of the resident’s spouse or the resident, and also the grandchildren of the permanent residents and the citizens.
  • Individuals with official writing by a consular officer of the Canadian government and to unite with their close family members can enter Canada.
  • Someone who has been to either U.S or Canada within the fourteen days before coming back to Canada
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What is the conflict about work permits and study holders?

An ongoing conflict rise recently regarding people with the study as well as work permit staying outside either Canada or the United States presently.

On Wednesday, 18th March, Bill Blair, a Canadian minister, announced that those people would be able to come back to Canada.

However, a recent statement of the Canadian government on 19th March ignited this confusion. It stated that even if someone has the work or study permit but doesn’t fall under the immediate family members of permanent residents or Canadian citizens, then you are not eligible to return Canada.

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