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The Top Factors that Affect Immigration Levels in Canada

Ashley Shelton



Canada Immigration Levels

Every year, Canada sets new immigration policies for welcoming new immigrants to the country. The policies center around issues like the number of newcomers that will be welcoming and which category they will belong to. The Immigration Levels Plan discussion keeps six factors in mind that determine the immigrant numbers.

The six significant factors kept in mind while planning the number of immigrants include the demographic and economical rates of the country, policy goals for that year, Canadian integration capacity, global circumstances, processing capacity, and the most crucial factor of all – politics.

Canada is not only one of the oldest populations in the world but also has the lowest mortality rates. Therefore, to meet labor shortages and sustain economic growth, Canada needs to welcome more immigrants.

If we go by statistics, every year, Canada welcomes approximately 40 percent of immigrants who fall under the category of refugee and family. The immigration plan of Canada always keeps in mind the factor of reuniting families and even goes to great lengths for fulfilling it.

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Global circumstances also help shape the immigration plans of Canada. Canada makes sure of the fact that its potential immigrants have a global demand as well and takes some little measures to regulate the levels of immigration. Additionally, Canada obligates to assist in times of humanitarian crisis as it did during the Syria crisis because it is a member of the international community.

The integration and processing capacities of Canada are also kept in mind by the federal government. With considerable demands in residency, the government has to speed up the processing time of immigration applications. Not only claims, but the government also has to make sure that there are enough available spots in the labor market and enough living support like healthcare, housing, public transportation, and job training. Implementation of the Express Entry has significantly helped in speeding up the entire citizenship process.

Lastly, politics play a significant role. The government holds the supreme power and authority in deciding the immigration levels.

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