Canada Airlines Coming To A Halt Due To Covid-19
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Canada Airlines Coming To A Halt Due To Covid-19

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Canada Airline Halt

In accordance with the outbreak of Covid-19, the International airports of Canada have started to stop their services.

Canada has also set several restrictions to prevent the spreading of this global pandemic. Before boarding on the plane, the passengers have to get checked thoroughly to make sure they don’t have the virus. If the passenger has a high fever, incessant coughing or displaying other symptoms of coronavirus will not be allowed to get into the plane. They would need a medical certificate to prove that they don’t have Covid-19.

It is also now important for the airlines that they ask the passengers if they were refused to board a plane in 14 days for showing signs of Covid 19. If yes, then they shouldn’t board the plane unless they bear a medical certificate. Passengers refusing to accept the restrictions will have to pay $5,000.

However, there are certain candidates for whom these restrictions aren’t set like permanent residents of Canada, Canadian citizens,  close family members, and others. Any airlines found to be disobeying the regulations will get a charge of $25,000.

This ban will continue to execute until 30th June.


Alternatively, domestic flights still have permission to get around the country. But some of them have ceased or limited their services as well.

Sunwing Airline

Whereas the flights related to South Canada have got suspended from 17th March to 9th April, the north flights are still open.

Also, passengers who booked flights between 17th March to 30th April will get their money back. However, it is also available to redeem within the next twenty-four months.

Porter Airline


The porter airline will cease its services temporarily from 20th March and will reopen on 1st June. If any travel agents or individuals have booked within this period will get an email regarding the specifications of their reservation.

Other airlines that have also stopped their services, for the time being, are Air Canada, Westjet, and Air Transat.

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