Canada Anticipated Upcoming Changes in Immigration
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Canada Ensured Upcoming Changes in Immigration

Isabel Rice



Canada Immigration Level Plan

2020 is finally ready to give way to a fresh new year that will hopefully be much better. This year has gone by quicker than most of us would have imagined in the beginning. With the pandemic destroying thousands of lives across the world, it feels like we didn’t even have a moment to breathe. However, the challenges and troubles brought forth by coronavirus have coexisted with positivity and compassion.

In the beginning of 2020, the Canadian economy was on its way to achieve great things. When the coronavirus first broke out, nobody anticipated that it would turn into a worldwide pandemic. However, the Government of Canada began implementing protocols and warning measures early on. As the situation intensified, Canada had to take stricter measures.

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Canadian Response

The federal government made a COVID-19 Response Committee on March 4 and then the borders had to be closed soon after. International travel had to be restricted to reduce the spread of the virus. The lockdown affected common people’s lives irreparably. Millions of workers found themselves working lesser hours or losing their jobs. Essential workers had to prioritize their professions for the greater good of the Canadian community. Infected patients had to suffer immensely. The reduced inflow of immigrants meant that Canada had to give up on the immigration goals set by Canada initially.

However, the Canadian government has gone out of its way to accommodate people in different situations. IRCC has introduced many reforms to help international travelers. People have shown generosity and kindness to battle the negativity caused by the pandemic.


Hopefully, 2021 will turn out to be better. All we can do is hope.

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