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Changes In The Canada Citizenship Processes soon

Isabel Rice



Canada Citizenship Processes

Canadian immigration and citizenship processes have seen significant improvement in the last few processes. IRCC published a report focusing on the developments in the citizenship program in the period between 2013 and 2018. The report was created because of the accountability measure taken alongside the Treasury Board.

New measures?

Published in November, this self-evaluation brings attention to all the areas in which the citizenship process can see improvement. The recommendations provided in the report will help address the existing issues and prepare the citizenship program for post-pandemic Canada.

  • The rise in application fees in between 2013 and 2018 did not affect the uptake significantly, but the report pointed out that it could prove to be an obstacle for some immigrants who come from families with a lower income. IRCC feels that the fee structure is worth a revision in order to make the process more accessible. The fees are not flexible in the slightest currently.
  • IRCC noted that Canada accepts a wide variety of language verification proofs now, but some of them are not reflective of the applicant’s real language proficiency. It would be ideal to come up with a method that would allow immigration officers to assess language ability and verification documents more efficiently.
  • Canada’s language and education requirements for immigrants can prove to difficult for people who already have to face other socio-economic troubles. The parameters for waiving these requirements need to be expanded on so that more people can rest for a waiver when they need it.
  • The study also emphasized on the need for community engagement. Permanent residents who have gone on to become citizens have shown a positive connection and a sense of belonging to the country.
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