Canada Is Planning To Welcome Tech Immigrants in 2021
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Canada Is Planning To Welcome Tech Immigrants in 2021

Isabel Rice



Canada Tech Immigration Plan

Talented tech workers are now looking at Canada as one of their preferred destinations. Previously, the United States was the biggest attraction but the current circumstances have turned Canada into an equally viable option.

However, Canada could do better at retaining tech talent according to a report published by the Innovation Economy Council. Canada is in the process of losing talented tech workers according to this report titled, Magnetic North: How Canada Holds Its Own in the Global Race for Innovation Talent. Companies in Canada are doing their best to attract talented foreign workers who will be willing to move north.

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Performance of STEM in Canada

STEM jobs fare really well in Canada. The effects of the pandemic were also temporary when it comes to professions in the Information and Technology sector. The lockdown implemented by Canada to control the spread of the virus had an adverse impact on the Canadian economy as a whole.

However, it seems like STEM jobs have an incredible amount of potential because they have only increased in number over the last few months. Employment in STEM-related fields rose by 8.7% between February and October.


International companies are slowly understanding that they can also take advantage of the talent pool in Canada. With the rise of remote working, companies are no longer prioritizing physical location when it comes to giving opportunities. Tech jobs have been able to survive the pandemic primarily because of the industry’s ability to make a transition to the virtual working space.

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With Canada’s growing reputation as a tech hub, it will not be difficult to attract eligible workers. Even Google and Facebook have opened offices in Canada. However, Canada will have to put extra efforts into retaining workers who are interested in the United States.

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