Measures taken by Canada to control COVID-19
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Measures taken by Canada to control COVID-19

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Measures taken by Canada to control Covid-19

Canada has taken new special measures to help limit the spreading of the global pandemic and aid visitors and immigrants facing issues due to the implementation of these measures.

On 18th March, the Canadian government has officially declared the ban on crossing the US-Canada border for ‘non-essential’ traffic.

Ban on Canada-US border crossing to ‘non-essential’ travelers

And on 16th March, the government of Canada revealed its decision to ban crossing the US-Canada border to anyone who is not a permanent resident of Canada or an inborn citizen.  However, there were exceptions, too, like close family members of both permanent residents and citizens, diplomats, aircrew members, and United States citizens,  now banned according to the new measures.

Moreover, this ban is also an exception for goods and cargo transportation


Also, passengers before boarding a plane in any airline will be checked to see if they possess any sign of the deadly virus. If found any, they would not be able to get on the plane to Canada.

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Special measures by IRCC

On 15th March, the immigration department of Canada announced rules for immigrants and authorities affected due to COVID-19.

The IRCC has also canceled every citizenship ceremony, any itinerant service, and tests for citizenship until new notice comes.

The set of rules for the new program is specially made to stop the spreading of COVID-19 and help people with immigrant applications affected due to the change of policies. IRCC has also declared that these applications will not get rejected due to non-compliance or other ones at progression state in the IRCC office. However, the process may take more time than usual due to the closedown of many visa centers at the time.


Leniency on applications for permanent residency

As per IRCC, the deadline for submitting all the required documents for permanent residence has extended to 90 days for anyone who wasn’t able to make it before the deadline. Also, if an applicant submits an unfinished application within the usual period of sixty days, they have to provide a legitimate reason behind the partly finished application.

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