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Alberta’s Latest Draws Invited 30 Candidates with Low CRS Scores

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Alberta's Latest Draws Invited 30 Candidates

Alberta, a vibrant province in Canada, is making waves in the immigration landscape with its Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) latest draws. In two recent invitation rounds on November 21 and December 5, 2023, Alberta opened its doors, extending 30 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) through the Express Entry stream of AAIP.

What makes these draws stand out? The CRS score requirements were notably low, offering aspiring immigrants a unique pathway to provincial nomination.

New AAIP Draws: Dec 5 and Nov 21, 2023

The draws on December 5 targeted the dedicated Healthcare Pathway, demanding a CRS score of 301 and above. Surprisingly, the score requirement was just 301. On November 21, a similar draw for the Healthcare Pathway required a CRS score of 345, opening opportunities for skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds.

AAIP Latest Draw Highlights

Date of DrawNumber of NOIs SentLowest CRS ScoreDraw Parameters
December 5, 2023  19301Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Alberta job offer, CRS score 300 and above

November 21, 202311345

Express Entry Profiles: Construction and Healthcare Professionals in Demand

  • In a separate draw on October 24, Alberta invited 110 Express Entry profiles with a focus on construction occupations and Alberta job offers. The CRS cutoff score was 300.
  • This trend continued on October 5, 2023, with 150 invitations for Express Entry profiles with a CRS score of 323 or above, family connections, and occupations in demand.
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Alberta’s proactive approach to immigration is evident in its targeted draws that align with labor market needs.

Alberta’s Healthcare Revolution: A New Era

Alberta is not just breaking barriers in immigration but is also undergoing a transformative healthcare evolution. Premier Danielle Smith recently announced a strategic division of Alberta Health Services into four entities. The aim is to enhance access to care, reduce wait times, and innovate treatments in primary, acute, continuing, and mental health/addiction care.


What Will be the Impact on Newcomers?

For newcomers in Alberta, these healthcare reforms mean more than just improved services; they signify new employment opportunities. Premier Smith’s emphasis on recruiting additional healthcare staff aligns with the demand for skilled workers in the sector. With category-based Express Entry draws prioritizing healthcare occupations, newcomers can expect heightened opportunities to contribute to Alberta’s healthcare system.

Occupations Eligible for Alberta’s Dedicated Pathway

  • Physicians
  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NPs)
  • Physician Assistants
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Psychologist
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Alberta’s Remarkable Growth Continues

Beyond immigration and healthcare, Alberta is experiencing remarkable population growth, outpacing the national average. The influx of individuals is not only filling job opportunities but also contributing to the province’s vibrant multicultural community.

In conclusion, Alberta’s AAIP draws with low CRS scores and healthcare reforms set the stage for a promising 2024. Aspiring immigrants, especially those in healthcare professions, have a golden opportunity to contribute to Alberta’s growth story.

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