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Advance CBSA Declarations Save You Time Upon Arrival to Canada

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Advance CBSA Declarations

On January 31, 2023, Advance Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Declarations became available at Calgary International Airport, expediting the arrival process for arriving travellers from overseas locations.

Traditionally, clearing customs involves reporting your belongings when you arrive at the airport. Travelers frequently spend a lot of time on administrative activities in addition to the time spent in customs processing. For a new immigrant, these tasks may include meeting with a CBSA officer and completing other common procedural requirements as a new Canadian. Thankfully, an Advance CBSA Declaration can shorten the processing period between when a foreign national arrives in Canada and when they leave the airport to start their real journey to their new home.

Moreover, the implementation of Advance CBSA Declarations, according to a press release, will allow all air travellers, who submit an Advance Declaration to speed up their arrival process, to skip longer lineups for Primary Inspection Kiosks (PIK).

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The Objective of Advance CBSA Declarations

Travelers to Canada have the option of submitting their customs and immigration declaration documents before their arrival in this nation through advance CBSA declarations only.

Advance CBSA Declaration Completion Process

The ArriveCAN app allows users to fill out and submit advance CBSA declarations up to 72 hours prior to arrival in Canada.


The Prime Benefits Of Completing an Advance CBSA Declaration

More than 11.79 million people made transborder and other foreign trips to Canada in 2021. To that purpose, enhancing the arrival experience for immigrants and other newcomers to this country may require the use of Advance CBSA Declarations. This is due to the fact that:

  • Submitting an Advance CBSA Declaration may enable inbound travellers to utilise PIKs more quickly, reducing wait times at the border.
  • In other words, this technology will speed up the processing of arriving international travellers, including immigrants.
  • After utilising the Advance CBSA Declaration function, travelers said that the kiosk experience rate was 30% more faster.
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Advance CBSA Declarations Air Travel Locations

Calgary International Airport now offers Advance CBSA declaration to international air travellers from 7 Canadian airports. Currently, these Advance Declarations are located at the following airports:

  • Calgary International Airport
  • Toronto Pearson
  • Winnipeg Richardson
  • Montreal-Trudeau
  • Vancouver International
  • Halifax
  • Quebec City Jean Lesage

Additionally, CBSA anticipates that during the upcoming months, this feature will be implemented in the following three airports: The Billy Bishop Toronto City, Edmonton International, and Ottawa International.

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