Moving to Canada? Tips to Remember for a Smooth Transition
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Moving to Canada? Tips to Remember for a Smooth Transition

Ashley Shelton



Moving to Canada

Canada is an ideal country to start a new life. While you are moving to Canada remember the following tips to make your transition to the new country as smooth as possible. These tips just won’t make the process hassle-free but also help you get acquainted with the Canadian culture.

Find a Job

Finding a job is the first step towards moving to Canada. Register with the Job Bank, one can use the job bank to prepare a resume, look out for an ideal for the position, and browse career planning tools. Networking is another way to find people in your field of interest and nail a job. One must set up a profile on LinkedIn to connect with people.


Before you move to Canada, you must look for a place to stay for at least a month. Having a place finalized in advance will ease off the hassle of struggling to find accommodation. If you haven’t finalized in advance, you can reach out to a real estate professional to help you.


Open a Bank Account

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After your arrival as a newcomer, opening a bank account is another essential step. One can easily set up an international bank account before coming to Canada or can apply after landing too. Opening an account is absolutely convenient.

Health Insurance

Canada’s healthcare system is funded through taxes and as a permanent resident, one can apply for healthcare insurance. Most of the provinces and territories offer access to health coverage after arrival. However, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec have a 90-day waiting period. If you immigrate to a province with a waiting period, you must apply for private coverage to look after the gap. Private healthcare insurance also takes care of the healthcare costs which are not covered under the public system.

Network and Involve in the Community


If you do not have family or friends in the country, networking and getting involved in the community will help you meet new people. Every neighborhood has a nearby community center, recreation centers, and libraries for people to immerse in the local culture and socialize. Join a club to play sports is another great way to meet like-minded people. There are a lot of programs that help newcomers network with long-time community members. You can easily meet people online or offline to connect with them.

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