Acceptance of spousal immigration applications is ongoing in Canada despite coronavirus
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Acceptance of spousal immigration applications is ongoing in Canada despite coronavirus

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Spousal Immigration, Common-Law Sponsorship

Canada has implemented several measures in order to curb the spread of coronavirus. However, if you are looking to sponsor your partner so that he/she can gain permanent residence in Canada, you will still be able to get the ball rolling in spite of the coronavirus special measures. The Canadian government has made an announcement that they will continue accepting spousal and common-law sponsorship applications that are meant for partners who live in Canada and abroad. The government will continue to process the applications even though the coronavirus measures can be a hindrance.

Applicants will be happy to know that they will not have to wait in order to submit their applications, whether they are both inside or outside of Canada. The couples who have not had the chance to file their applications can now approach the Canadian Immigration authorities and get the job done.

The Canadian government is continuing to update the COVID-19 measures as per the situation. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), however, has laid all the concerns that couples may have had about sponsorship during the pandemic at rest.

Incomplete applications

According to the IRCC, they will keep accepting new applications for permanent residence. Not only will they process them, but they are also ready to accept incomplete applications if necessary because of the pandemic. As a result, you will not have to delay the submission of your application in case you are not able to get a certain document on time because of service disruptions occurring due to COVID-19.


In case you are planning to file a fresh spouse or common-law sponsorship application soon, you will have to hand over supporting documentation along with a detailed letter of explanation that explains the COVID related delays. The government says that the incomplete applications will be stored and reviewed in 90 days.

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