Will Canada's travel restrictions lift in July?
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Will Canada’s travel restrictions lift in July?

Margaret Cooley



Canada travel restrictions

The pandemic forced Canada to impose temporary travel restrictions that have proved to be inconvenient for foreign workers and students who want to enter the country. However, there is a chance that Canada might begin to accommodate more international travelers as well as new immigrants in the near future.

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Many immigration professionals and future immigrants are wondering whether Canada might lift its travel restrictions on July 1, 2020. The truth is that there is no concrete answer, and believing rumors can lead to disappointment later on. Nobody knows for sure how things are going to unfold at the moment.

What can we infer?

The federal government has recently taken some positive measures, which could be a sign that the relaxation will happen soon. Canada has recorded an apparent flattening of the curve when it comes to coronavirus, which might lead the country to deliberate opening travel for foreign nationals on July 1. However, the final decision will depend on how the rest of June pans out.


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The Canadian government will not lift the travel restrictions until they believe it is safe to do so for the sake of its citizens. They will keep a strict eye on the trend of cases around the globe and examine whether the containment efforts are actually showing results. Canada will also look at its own record when making the decision.

According to Health Canada, the epidemic’s curve is well on its way to becoming flat because of the public health measures that were enforced in mid-March. Canadian provinces and territories were sent into lockdown, which has since then been eased in different areas.

On June 1, Canada recorded 759 new cases of coronavirus which is the lowest since March 29. The country will monitor how this positive trend develops in the coming weeks.

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