Median hourly wage changed for 2020 Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada
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Median hourly wage changed for 2020 Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada

Margaret Cooley



Median hourly wage in Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada

The coronavirus pandemic has forced Canada to make a number of important changes. The country has recently made adjustments to the median wage requirement that help to determine whether Canadian employers must apply for LMIAs via the high wage or the low wage streams.

The median hourly wages have risen in almost all the Canadian provinces and territories. Employers in Canada who want to hire foreign employees use the provincial and territorial median hourly wage to find out more about the requirements they will have to fulfill for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

The employers will have to submit their application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) under the high-wage stream or the low-wage stream based on the salary they are offering as well as the location of the job.

What should you know about the new measures?

The new requirements for median age came into effect from May 11.


With the temporary travel restrictions in place, it has become difficult for Canadian employers to hire foreign employees. So, the Canadian government is trying to make it easier for employers to find suitable workers. Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC) has enforced the following measures on all new LMIA applications:

  • Employers will not have to update minor administrative changes in the LMIA.
  • All recruitment requirements applicable for LMIAs in the sectors of agriculture and agri-food sectors have been waived until October 31, 2020.
  • LMIAs in the agriculture and agri-food industries will be prioritized.
  • The maximum duration of employment has increased from one to two years under LMIAs for employers who have workers in the low-wage stream.
  • Applicants in the Agricultural stream or Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program can submit a previous Housing Inspection Report as long as it is valid.
  • The process of name-change has been expedited for employers.
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