Will Canada Cross 100,000 Express Entry Invitations This Year?
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Will Canada Cross 100,000 Express Entry Invitations This Year?

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There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic created some serious problems for Canadian immigration. However, the country did not give up in the slightest and has powered through all the difficulties. It is constantly organizing draws and inviting eligible candidates who will be able to improve the economy.

Canada is on its way to issue 100,000 or more invitations under Express Entry 2020. If this goal is achieved, it is going to be a record-breaker. It is impressive that Canada managed to shake off the negative impact of COVID-19 and be on its way towards its immigration goals.

How Canada dealt with the pandemic?

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Canada was forced to impose travel restrictions back in March 2020 in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Before that, the immigration minister Marco Mendicino said that the country was aiming for 341,000 new permanent resident admissions this year. The Immigration levels Plan 2020-2022 introduced by Canada had a target to welcome 91,800 immigrants via Express Entry in 2020.

When Canada understood that special measures would be necessary to deal with the coronavirus situation, they restricted entry for international travelers. Many people who already got their confirmation of permanent residence (COPRs) had to put their travel plans to Canada on hold. It came as no surprise when the immigration levels in Canada plummeted in April 2020. The numbers still have not recovered significantly.


Even amidst all this, Canada has continued to organize Express Entry draws on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that the process remains ongoing. Many feared that Express Entry draws would be put on pause temporarily paused but Canada turned it around. The country is hosting record-breaking Express Entry draws currently which indicates that it has no plans of stopping immigration anytime soon.

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