Canadians Feel That Immigration Helps Canada Become A Better Country
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Study Reveals That Most Canadians Feel That Immigration Helps Canada Become A Better Country

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Immigrants who have chosen Canada in the last few years have raved about how welcoming and accommodating the country and its people have been. A new study confirms this by establishing that Canadians indeed go out of their way to be friendly to immigrants. Most Canadians, that is by a five-to-one margin, believe that Canada is a more diverse, and multicultural country because of immigration. If anything, they have become even more accepting of immigrants in the last year.

Instead of being uncomfortable with Canada’s need for immigrants Canadians regard them as good for the economy. They do not view immigration levels as a threat to their own Canadian jobs but acknowledge how immigration is necessary to maintain the country’s population instead.

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A public opinion survey conducted by Environics Institute, a non-profit organization, reveals this information. The organization is known to promote original social research on topics like public policy and social change.

Details and results of the survey

The surveyors took telephone interviews with 2,000 Canadians in the period between September 8 and 23, 2020. The report says that the report is accurate within plus/minus 2.2 percentage points based on 19 out of 20 samples.


The survey results state that Canadians do not subscribe to the idea that too many refugees are illegitimate or that too many immigrants are shunning Canadian values. Instead, they believe in a five-to-one margin that immigration elevates the country and makes it a better place to live. The report points out that this trend is common to all demographic segments of the population.

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Around 66% of Canadians do not believe that the current immigration levels are too high. Over 56% of respondents opined that Canada requires even more immigration to increase the population. About 84% of the population agree that immigration has a positive impact on the economy.

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