What you need to know about the renewal of work and study permits without flagpoling
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What you need to know about the renewal of work and study permits without flagpoling

Margaret Cooley



Study Permits and Work Permits, Flagpoling

The coronavirus pandemic has led Canada to place strict restrictions on its international borders. It is no longer possible for people to renew their work and study permits by crossing the U.S border physically. The temporary coronavirus measures have been implemented after a series of directives were announced in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Foreign nationals will no longer be able to apply for temporary visas like work permits or study permits by flagpoling. The process of flagpoling requires foreign nationals in Canada who visit the Canada – US border to enter the US for a short period of time, to apply for a visa when they have to re-enter Canada.

Now that flagpoling is no longer a valid option, you have to be very careful when preparing your application and make no mistakes. Flagpoling allows you a lot of room to make adjustments, but you cannot enjoy that benefit for now. One has to pay extra attention when submitting applications now.

Benefits of flagpoling

The advantages of flagpoling include:

  • No processing times:

Since your visa application is processed on the spot when you flagpole, you can know the result on the same day. Processing times in a consulate or a visa office can be lengthy. Now, you have to perfect the visa application on your first try so that the additional processing time does not go to waste.

  • Easy application process:

You do not have to worry about the submission process when flagpoling. You can directly hand over the required documents to the official in front of you. The application is processed in your presence.  If you made a mistake, the immigration officer would let you know and allow you to rectify it. However, even small mistakes can lead to the denial visa now.

You will no longer be able to explain the particulars of your application to someone face to face, so you have to be more diligent.

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