International Student Population Continues to Grow in Canada
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International Student Population Continues to Grow in Canada

Margaret Cooley



According to statistics of IRCC, the international student population of Canada has grown by six folds over the past two decades. This achievement of Canada has won it the spot of third, in the list of foreign student attraction countries, globally.

With approximately 6,42,000 international students, Canada’s student population grew by a whopping 13 percent in one year. Therefore, study permits of around 4,04,000 international students came into effect in 2019.

The rough estimation of international students from Ontario is about 307000. With nearly 50% of international students from Ontario, the primary beneficiary of Canada comes from there. The holder of the second position in the number of international students is India. Around 34% of Indian students contribute to Canada. Coming third in this category is China. When combined, about 56% of students in Canada are from India and China.

Apart from Ontario, India, and China, many other territories have their students in Canada. British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba are a few of the areas from the list.

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The international student population of Prince Edward Island has conclusively shown a five-fold growth over the past ten years. This province has had the most significant increase in student population when compared to other areas.


Canadian educational institutions take in so many international students because education is the primary source of revenue here. It adds around 22 million dollars to its economy annually. According to the census of Canada, the birth rate is low. The age group of 18-24 has a mere growth of 4% since the past decade. The new blood can continue to spur Canada’s economy in the future.

International students are also very much attracted to the options Canada has to offer on education. The educational packages offered in Canada not only have lower tuition money but also are competitive. Students also have the option of working while studying. Many students even opt for permanent residence because of the high employment rate Canada offers.

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