What Will 2021 Be Like for Canadian Immigration?
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What Will 2021 Be Like for Canadian Immigration?

Isabel Rice



What Will 2021 Be Like for Canadian Immigration

Considering that 2020 defied all our expectations and left us stunned, it might be unwise to make predictions about 2021 from itself. We have seen how the world changed in just one month. Having said that, there are some things that are fairly certain. 

The Canadian immigration system will no doubt still feel the effects of pandemic. Coronavirus will continue to influence our lives for a long term now. However, the approval of multiple vaccines in recent times has given us hope that the end is near. Once the pandemic is fully behind us, the immigration system will soon return to its normal functioning. 

What could happen?

In December, Canada started the biggest vaccination campaign in the history of the country. The aim is to finish the vaccination process by September 2021. Once the Canadian residents become immune to the coronavirus, it will be important to continue restricting travel until all countries have the situation under control.

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Canada implemented strict border restrictions back in March 2020, but it started to exempt certain groups from the rules in the latter half of the year. However, intentional travellers are still not allowed to enter the country for non-essential purposes. 


It seems likely that Canada might keep its quarantine requirement for international travelers to prevent undue risk. Moreover, the country will want to let only those people cross the border who can show a negative test for the virus.

The pandemic definitely led Canada to fall behind on its 2020 immigration goals, but the country is determined to make up for the losses in 2021. The new immigration plan shows that Canada has set lofty targets to fuel its post-pandemic recovery.

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