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How to Attain Film and TV Production Work Permits in Canada?

Austin Campbell



Work Permits in Canada

Production companies that work on television and films may grant visas to workers or sponsor their immigration to Canada under the TV and Film production work permit category. The businesses can demonstrate how important the foreign employee’s input is to production.

If a candidate applies for a work visa online and works in the television or film sectors, they may be eligible for a three-week processing window. Work permits issued under the category of work permits for TV and film production are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirement. Work permits might not require an LMIA if the project will advance Canada’s culture, society, or economy.

Therefore, since there is no LMIA requirement, foreign workers must abide by all other rules pertaining to temporary employment in Canada, including acquiring a Temporary Work Permit.

In order to demonstrate their eligibility for a work permit under this category, temporary resident visa applicants must submit the following supporting evidence.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • The name and contact information for the production
  • The name of the work permit applicant for the production
  • The province(s) in Canada in which the production will take place and the proposed dates of production
  • The working title of the production
  • A statement confirming that the individual and position are essential to that specific TV or film production
  • Details of the significant economic benefit to Canada of TV or film production

Business Visitors in the Entertainment Industry

If you work in the entertainment industry, you might be qualified to enter as a business visitor. Depending on the nature and duration of your employment in Canada, you might not need a work permit if you are a business traveller.

Three different types of workers are frequently referred to as business visitors in the entertainment industry:

  • Film producers who are working on a foreign-financed film;
  • television programme, or documentary;
  • Working on a commercial shot that was financed by international sources;
  • An artist appearing in a Canadian TV show or movie, or perhaps at a show, concert, or festival.

It is thus crucial to understand that Canada have a work permit category specifically for TV and film employees because of its sensational history in the television and film industries. The production of these works and the creation of jobs for Canadians around the nation are two additional benefits of having this category of work permits for Canada. With the TV and Film Production Work Permit category, production companies from around the world can quickly recruit in-demand workers.

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