Visa Application Centres have started functioning again
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Immigration Announcement

Visa Application Centres have started functioning again

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Visa Application Centers Started functioning Again

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has created a list of Visa Application Centres (VACs) that have started to offer limited services to clients again. There are 23 VACs all across the world that are currently open.

International applicants in these places will now be able to complete their biometric requirements. Biometrics constitute an essential component of applications for work and study permits, visitor visas, and permanent residency.

You will find the details of the 23 reported VACs here.

Safety Measures:

IRCC has stated that they are taking all necessary measures in order to protect the staff as well as the people who avail of the services at VACs. Social distancing and maintaining hand hygiene will be the most important components of the safety plan.


They are also looking to limit the number of people inside a VAC at a certain time. The staff will clean and sanitize the VAC frequently. Everyone is expected to use gloves, face shields, and face masks. IRCC has informed that both staff and visitors could be subject to temperature checks. All the VACs will stock hand sanitizers for anybody who needs it.

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Travel Conditions:

The travel restrictions in Canada will remain valid until June 30 for foreign nationals. However, immediate family members of permanent residents and Canadians, as well as work permit holders, will be allowed into the country as long as the purpose of their trip is essential.

Everybody who travels to Canada during this crisis must quarantine for at least two weeks once they arrive at their destination. Moreover, they should have a comprehensive quarantine plan that they can explain to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers after landing in Canada.

IRCC has advised applicants to fulfill their biometrics requirements so that processing can be expedited.

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