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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Toronto – 7 Amazing Places to Explore

Isabel Rice



Travel Guide to Toronto

From the stunning skyline to the passionate citizens, there is something for everyone in Toronto. And with so many things to do and explore, it’s hard to get spiritless. If you are looking for a place where you can find yourself surrounded by people from all walks of life, then Toronto should be on your list. So, start planning your vacation in Toronto today and explore these extraordinary places.

Harbourfront Centre

If you are planning your Toronto holiday during the summer, then never think of losing a chance to visit this bizarre cultural hub that hosts over 4,000 events every year. The hub is located on the water at Queens Quay and is home to quintessential free art galleries and exhibitions.

Don Valley

When in Toronto, bike the don valley! The perfect trails for foreign travelers in Toronto are the most visited adventure spots which give a bird’s –eye view of the modern green outdoors coupled with mini-art galleries and outdoor art installations.

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Hockey Hall of Fame

One of the most popular sports among Canadians is Hockey! This museum will take you through the evergreen history of their favorite sport. Why only theirs? If the sport entices you as well, plan a day to visit both a museum and a hall of fame.

St. Lawrence Market

One of the early 19th-century establishments in Toronto is St. Lawrence Market and Gallery. This place has never-ending local streets of shopping stores and food stalls. From artisans to local manufacturers, bakers, 100+ vendors, and dealers, this antique place has everything to offer.


Chinese Cuisines

Toronto has one of the largest Chinese communities, building up more than 12.5% of the total population of Toronto. Thus, the city has a special place for all Chinese food lovers. This Chinatown is located at the crossway of Dundas Street West and Spadina. Some of their most delicious meals include Happy Lamb Hot Pot, Red Room, and Mother’s Dumplings.

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Uber-People Sugar Beach

The man-made beach in Toronto is the most popular destination to get a slice of beach life in the city. The beach destination offers an experience of lake views, sightseeing, pink umbrellas to sit and drink coffee, and of course sunbathing. 

Queen’s Park

The month of September in Canada is reserved for bookaholics only. Yes, Queen’s Park hosts Canada’s largest and most amazing outdoor book festival. There are hundreds of books, literary pieces, and magazines to skim through. The readings of renowned authors like Margaret Atwood is also accessible to read at the fest. Wait, there is more! Admission entry for this book and magazine festival is FREE!



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