Toronto Ranks as the Best Place to Work for Women Globally
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Toronto Ranks as the Best Place to Work for Women Globally

Ashley Shelton



Toronto Ranks as the Best Place to Work for Women Globally

In a recent study by Bloomberg, Toronto topped the list of quality of life for working women in the world. Out of fifteen assessed cities, Toronto grabbed the number one spot for all the right reasons. During the study, five parameters were considered: wealth, safety, equality, mobility, and maternity. Fifteen cities were shortlisted based on their function in global business and their attractiveness to international talent. 

Over 3000 women were interviewed aged 18 to 60 and asked questions based on the five parameters. Though Toronto did not do well in the mobility criteria, it was the top city among the other four parameters. Besides Toronto, Sydney, Singapore, Paris, and London were on the top five lists in this study. 

Even though males immigrate more through the economic class immigrants, women in Canadian markets are increasing. In fact, in recent times, women have almost the same skills as their partners, which is an excellent development for the country. Economic integration for immigrant women is necessary to stay in the country because weak integration can lead to their families shifting to better cities for better opportunities. 

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Canada’s Job Market Needs More People!

According to data, around 1 million jobs are vacant. So, right now, Canada needs to attract newcomers to fill the job shortages in the country. Canada is coming up with new policies and programs to increase the women’s labor force in the market and attract newcomers to balance the labor shortages. One of the program’s main aims is to welcome newcomers and make plans to address discrimination they face when in the country and promote better social integration. 

Since millions of people will reach their retirement age in the next decade, Canada must come up with programs to attract women immigrants to avoid shortages in jobs.

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