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The Significance of Submitting a Complete Express Entry Application

Austin Campbell



Express Entry Application

For foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to Canada, Express Entry has long been a favourite immigration route. In reality, Canada plans to use the Express Entry application management system to admit 305,900 immigrants between 2023 and 2025.

It’s critical for those who receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to understand exactly what to do when submitting their online application for Canadian permanent residence due to the popularity of this immigration route (PR). Now that the fundamentals of Express Entry have been established, it is also important to comprehend the repercussions of submitting an Express Entry PR application that is not complete as well as what they can do to avoid making this error.

What Are the Effects of An Incomplete Express Entry Application?

It is certain that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will return the file to the applicant if they receive an incomplete application for permanent residence in Canada. The only option left to the applicant is to restart their Express Entry journey. In order to re-enter the Express Entry pool and increase their chances of receiving an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency, applicants who had their application rejected because it was incomplete must create a new profile with IRCC.

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A Guide to Important Tips for Express Entry Applicants

After acquiring an ITA, there are a few important factors to keep in mind when applying for PR:
To begin with, an Express Entry applicant must submit a separate document explaining why a document that IRCC seeks as part of a PR application will be absent if they are aware that they will be doing so. Note: The IRCC has complete discretion over whether to accept this justification for the omission of a document.

Additional documents that an Express Entry ITA recipient must submit as part of their application for Canadian PR are as follows:


Police Certificates

Since the format of various police certificates differs by issuing country, submissions of police certificates contain highly particular standards stipulated by IRCC. All applicants should thus carefully read the IRCC’s submission requirements because incomplete applications will be returned if a police certificate is not provided in accordance with Canadian regulations.

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Medical Examination

It is necessary to include the immigration medical examination (IME) number in the application for permanent residence in conjunction with medical examination confirmations submitted as part of the permanent residency application.

Work Experience

If an applicant declares work experience, he or she must include a reference letter from the employer, articles of incorporation, or other documentation proving business ownership or self-employment.

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