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The Rise of the Global Talent Stream (GTS) in Canada

Austin Campbell



Global Talent Stream

With one of the most solid economies in the world and a vast number of job vacancies, there is a huge increase in demand for professionals in Canada.

The Tech sector is one of Canada’s most dynamic industries. Due to the high popularity of this sector among newcomers, immigration will continue to play a major role in the global talent acquisition for the Canadian Labour Market.
Currently, the country has one million job vacancies to offer. And to address the labour shortage issues Canada keeps on introducing several programs to attract foreign talent.
One such program, specifically designed for highly skilled foreign professionals in the tech sector is the Global Talent Stream (GTS). The program is a fast-tracked program for employers who can invite foreign talent to Canada. Also, the program is a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) which facilitates the process of work permit applications and temporary resident visas in less time.

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Global Talent Stream (GTS) Exemptions

There are two main exemptions under the GTS which allow the applicants to immigrate to Canada without any work permit

Highly-Skilled Workers in Skill Type (0) or Skill Level Occupations of the NOC

Workers will not require a work permit if they are working in Canada for a period of 15 days over 6 months or 30 days for more than a year.

Researchers Will Not Require A Work Permit

If workers work in Canada for a period of 120 days over a year as a researcher at a government-funded institution or recognized research institute, they will not require a work permit.


Category Break-Down of the GTS

Under the Global Talent Stream (GTS), there are two different categories.

Category A

It is a category of high-growth companies that are referred to the GTS by one of more than 40 designated referral partners who are intended to hire “specialized talent from abroad”.

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Category B

Companies looking to hire for specific roles designated by the Global Talent Occupations List. The list includes in-demand jobs falling in category B. This list may be updated periodically to reflect changing work market needs and necessities.

Wages in the Global Talent Stream (GTS)

Wages are the most important element of this program that employers pay to successful applicants. As per the requirements, employers need to pay the workers from the following five, whichever is highest;

• The employment median wage on the official website of the Canadian government’s job bank;
• The wage that the employer pays to an employee (in the same position, location, and experience);
• The minimum wage floor decided by the Global Talent Occupation list in the category B;
• An hourly wage that is equal to the prevailing wage for the job no less than $80,000 in the category B



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