Staying Back In Canada By Extending Expired Status
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Staying Back In Canada By Extending Expired Status

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The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for many foreign nationals to have flexible plans in terms of travel. Many foreign nationals are finding themselves in a tough position where their temporary residency status is set to expire soon but they cannot fly home either because of coronavirus restrictions.

The Canadian government has been helpful from the very beginning to foreign nationals suffering because of the pandemic. Recently, they have come up with a solution to assist international candidates in Canada in extending their stay in the country if their temporary residency status is up for expiration.

What to do?

IRCC has asked temporary residents to apply for an extension of their status if they are unable to leave Canada because of the pandemic-related border restrictions. They will have to give a proper explanation as to why it is important for them to remain in Canada.

Eligible candidates can submit their applications virtually. They will have to fulfill all the requirements in order for the IRCC to consider their application. The biometric fees can also be directly paid online. IRCC suggests that candidates should submit their applications before the expiration of their current status.


Once you have applied for a status extension, you will be able to stay in Canada until the processing is complete. Expedited processing should not be a requirement. Immigration officers are going to look into the coronavirus travel restrictions in the applicant’s country of origin during the decision making process.

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The temporary residents who have already lost their status will be able to submit their application for restoration within three months from the date of expiry. They will have to pay the necessary fees and fulfill all the given requirements.

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