Sponsoring Common In Law Partners Living In the United States
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Sponsoring Common In Law Partners Living In the United States

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Canada Spouse sponsoring

The pandemic has only helped us realize how important it is for us to be close to our families. Being able to stay with your loved one is actually a privilege now that we all should appreciate.

If you have a partner who is living in the United States, you might want to look into sponsoring them for Canadian permanent residence. If they become immigrants, their stay in Canada can be of infinite duration.


In order to continue with the sponsorship, make sure that you are eligible. Submitting an application as an ineligible candidate only leads to disqualification later on. You must be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen to begin with.

Moreover, you should be an adult above the age of 18. The IRCC will demand proof of whether you will be able to support your partner and children. Depending on which province you are planning to live in, you will have to adjust your plans.


Since your common-law partner or spouse will be in the United States when you complete and submit the application, they will be considered as outland applicants. In case you are also living in the United States with your partner at the time of the application, you will have to show evidence that both of you will shift to Canada as soon as the sponsorship is granted.

One advantage of completing the application process while in Canada is that your partner will qualify for the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in-Canada class. This means that they will also have the chance to secure an Open Work Permit.

If you want to become a sponsor for your partner living in the United States, you should check out the application guide available on IRCC’s website.

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