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A Brief Overview of Getting a Significant Benefit Work Permit in Canada

Austin Campbell



significant benefit work permit

The Significant Benefit Work Permits (SBWPs) are special work permits available to workers whose hire would significantly benefit Canada economically, culturally, or socially. It is important for Canadian government officials to consider the effects on Canadian workers when determining whether to allow them entry into the country.

As a reason, a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required. The process involved with getting an LMIA requires the Canadian employer to follow a lengthy process. Foreign workers who offer valuable economic, social, or cultural advantages to Canada might have the option to work in Canada on a work permit without the business expecting to get an LMIA. More importantly, an LMIA requirement can be postponed under a ‘significant benefit’ exclusion.

Significant benefit work permit Eligibility Criteria

If you want to apply for an SBWP, you will need to satisfy some considerations. The Canadian government provides the following criteria for a significant benefit work permit:

  • Official record of educational credentials like degree/diploma/certificate from a college.
  • Proof of full-time job experience from current or previous employers.
  • Must have received national or international awards or patents.
  • Proof of membership in organizations needing excellence of its members. 
  • Must have judged the work of others
  • Proof of significant achievements and contributions to the government/professional/business fields.
  • Scientific or scholarly additions to the foreign national field.
  • Proof of academic or Industry authored publications
  • Applicant’s leading role in a reputed organization

Documentation required for SBWP

To qualify for an SBWP, you will require to provide the following documentation to Immigration IRCC:

  • LMIA exempt offer of employment submitted in the Employer Portal
  • Proof of accreditation, and experience in the applicant’s field of work;
  • A complete application submitted to IRCC’s Global Case Management System (GCMS);
  • Proof of employer compliance fee payment;
  • Proof of how the foreign national’s work provides significant benefit economically, socially, or culturally.

Economic, Social, and Cultural Considerations

Economic benefit consideration 

  • Preventing the interruption of employment for Canadians or permanent residents;
  • Advancement of the Canadian market;
  • Providing economic support to remote areas.

Social benefit considerations

  • Informing about health and safety threats to Canadians and permanent residents;
  • Strengthening social inclusion in communities;
  • Developing products for environmental considerations.

Cultural benefit considerations

  • A Review panel to judge the work of others;
  • Recognition by their peers, governmental organizations, or business associations for contributions.
  • Are renowned for their artistic and cultural efforts.

Wo are the most qualified recipients of an SBWP?

Some of the most common recipients of an SBWP include:

Intra-Company Workers

A significant benefit work permit might be accessible to foreign workers hired by a multi-national organization that is looking for admission to Canada to work for a parent, auxiliary, or part of that organization.

Television and Film Production Workers

Laborers in the television and entertainment world whose job is crucial to the production unit might be qualified to get a significant benefit work permit.


Business and Self-Employed Workers

Those hoping to begin a business in Canada or be independently employed might have the option to get a significant benefit work permit

Emergency Repair Workers

These are laborers who are required in Canada to lead crisis fixes to modern or business gear, considerably under guarantee, to avoid the disturbance of work in Canada.