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Quebec’s New Salary Guide For Temporary Foreign Workers

Robert Cannon



Quebec's New Salary Guide For Temporary Foreign Workers

Quebec recently published a new salary guide for local employers who want to hire temporary foreign workers. Quebec manages to attract hundreds of skilled laborers every year, and this update has been a long time coming. 

New Salary Guide

The 2020 version of the salary guide, also called the Édition 2020 du Guide des salaires par professions présentés par intervalle, selon les quartiles au Québec, will replace the 2018 version. The change is going to be effective from December 1, as announced by the Ministère de l’Immigration de la Francisation et de l’Intégration

Quebec employers should stay on top of these developments so that they can make necessary adjustments without wasting any time. It is important to note that the Quebec government could refuse any offers of temporary employment that they receive on or after December 1 if they fail to adhere to the 2020 salary guide. This means that the 2020 salary guide could also apply to some work authorization applications that were submitted before the date but are still being processed. 

Foreign workers in Quebec


Plenty of companies and businesses in Quebec tend to hire foreign workers temporarily. Certain sectors of the market suffer from labor shortage as a result of which there is a never-ending need for skilled foreign labor. Once the new salary rules are implemented, employers and candidates have to abide by them, or else they could risk their chance of securing a temporary work permit.

Any job offers issued in Quebec that are not covered by a collective decree will have the ministry decide the appropriate wages based on the new salary guide. In case the Guide does not have the relevant information, the government consults the federal wage information on the country’s Job Bank.

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